[JPL] Gamble & Huff Radio Special - updated update

paterstanman paterstanman at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 15 21:12:16 EST 2008

Where are the musicians in this special? I listened to the whole  
thing and never heard drummer Earl Young mentioned--Sigma Sound is  
mentioned but what about engineer Joe Tarsia? Gamble and Huff would  
not have happened without either of them. To me the special is a  
glib, very safe-feel-good overview of the Philly R&B scene. It does  
mention Thom Bell and Buddy Martin a few times and I give credit for  
that. I guess if people are completely ignorant of this music it will  
help but it focuses on the stars instead of the nuts and bolts. When  
I listen to the tracks I marvel at the musicianship and the  
engineering and especially the bass and drums--who are these cats???  
I believe Anthony Jackson is the bass on "Money". The swells in the  
horns on "Cowboys To Girls" are done by pros--maybe from the Phily  
classical scene--of course Wynton will be laughing up his sleeve but  
let's hear him replicate that. OK I agree it works as an NPR overview  
special for the musically challenged masses.
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