[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic", WCVF-FM, 2/15/08

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 14:42:01 EST 2008

The phones began ringing early today, then the calls trailed off. These
things happen. But there was a lot of enthusiasm for the Amy & Adams
folk-flavored version of the bigband standard "Sentimental Journey" and for
classical violinist-playing-jazz Nigel Kennedy (and no wonder, with people
such as Joe Lovano, Ron Carter, Kenny Werner, and Jack DeJohnette along for
the ride!). It seems everyone today wanted to share their favorite tales of
classical/jazz encounters or their nostalgic leanings toward the music of
the 1940's. I was waiting for comments on Thomas Marriott's revamping of the
old Willie Nelson hit, but perhaps no one recognized the song? To the list:

Luthea Salom - Like a River - Sunbeam Surrounded By Winter

Amy & Adams - Sentimental Journey - Under the Covers

Nigel Kennedy - Sudel - Blue Note Sessions

Thomas Marriott - On the Road Again - Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson

Dain Estes - Desperation - The Broken Whistle Sessions

Keith Marks - Sho' Off - Foreign Funk

Tim Hensley - What A Sight To Behold - Long Monday

Fagan - Dante - Shipping Secrets

Michael Jerome Browne - Don't Hang My Clothes On No Barb Wire Line - Double

Eleanor Sandresky - Lullaby - A Sleeper's Notebook

Shoentel - I Am the Air - P.N.G.

Ken Whiteley - Death Letter Blues - One World Dance

Adam Hood - Fool of an Honest man - Different Groove

Jory Nash - Careful How You Break My Heart - Folk Jazz Blues & Soul

Jentsch Group Large - Outside Line - Brooklyn Suite

Kaz Murphy - Killin' Wheel - Home For Misfits

Cique - Sweet B - Cique

John Stein - Green Street - Green Street

Scott & Michelle Dalziel - Good Things To Those Who Wait - Family Album:
Custom Songs, Voluime 1 (various artists)

Heidi Talbot - Cathedrals - In Love + Light

Larry Rice - Another Year Older - Little House

Peter Paulsen - Change of Scenery - Change of Scenery

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