[JPL] JazzWeek Summit 2008 panel update/call for suggestions

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Tue Feb 19 13:03:45 EST 2008

Reebs, Ed,

Seattle has a particularly strong well-established high school jazz 
band program, area bands often winning first or placing in top three at 
Essentially Ellington national competition at J at LC each year.  
Starbucks sponsors an annual Hot Java Cool Jazz concert featuring 5 top 
HS bands and sells over 2000 seats in a downtown concert hall with 
proceeds benefiting the school music programs.  KPLU has produced and 
promoted three "School of Jazz" CDs featuring a DOZEN different HS 
bands, each with a different prominent local jazz player as soloist who 
has coached the band for the recording session.  There's a CD release 
party at a major concert hall when it's completed.   It's an excellent 
community project for the station.

I do a Sunday afternoon "Jazz Northwest" hour for KPLU that focuses 
exclusively on the regional scene from Portland to Vancouver.  On 
alternate weeks the show is a location recording I've done in local 
clubs, concerts, festivals, etc. with the intent of promoting the 
live/local jazz scene.  Most of these programs feature resident rather 
than visiting musicians. There are maybe six pro big bands playing 
every month, dozens of small groups and singers, several festivals, 
concert series and clubs so there's lots to pick from around Seattle.  
www.seattlejazzscene.com / www.earshot.org

Local stations need to build strong links to the community by having a 
visible presence at events and reflecting them and promoting them on 
the air.   DJ/ MCs are a start, but there's much more that local radio 
stations can do for community wide appeal that provides unique benefits 
over corporate radio/ satellite/ internet/ ipod competition.

Perhaps some of this topic might be even more appropriate for IAJE in 
Seattle, when attendees will have opportunities to hear some of these 
bands as well.

I don't think I can make JazzWeek, but maybe the Jazz Improv concert in 
the Fall, and of course IAJE in Seattle, 2008.

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

On Tuesday, February 19, 2008, at 08:08  AM, laffinred at aol.com wrote:

> How about a session incorporating the community, community schools and 
> the local jazz station. Are there outreach programs that will help 
> grow a generation of future listeners ? How is your station addressing 
> these concerns? Does your station have an open mike nite for local 
> talent ? Is there a community jazz band that deserves some attention? 
> Is the station opened for tours from local elementary - high schools 
> ?..etc...
> this inquiring mind wants to know..........
> staying tuned,
> reebs
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> Subject: [JPL] JazzWeek Summit 2008 panel update/call for suggestions
> Hi all once again ... 
> We've had a few folks submit panel suggestions for the summit. 
> Here's what we have penciled in so far: 
> 1) Jukebox Jury (of course) -- perhaps even two sessions so we can 
> cover
> enough music and get more people involved 
> 2) Incorporating Latin, World and Contemporary Jazz in your station's
> programming 
> 3) Jazz Music Director: Programmer or Gatekeeper 
> 4) Scheduling and Selecting Music: software, clocks, and 
> Other suggestions/recommendations that sound really great include a
> session covering on-air presentation and technique (we're looking at 
> how
> to and whom to present/moderate/teach this) and a session on best
> practices on sending CDs/how many to send to stations, etc. 
> Please feel free to discuss ideas here on the JPL or send them to me at
> ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com. 
> Thanks, 
> Ed 

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