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Hello Lenore,

I'd like to second that opinion. Jason and I recorded an interview last week 
which is in fact airing today, Wednesday, February 20th, 2PM Central Time on 
KVLU (Beaumont, Texas).

Jason was not only was well-versed with my latest CD (Depth of Emotion), he 
was also very knowledgeable with jazz vibes and jazz in general. We talked 
about vibists, my tenure at Berklee, Astor Piazzolla (I named a composition 
in honor of Astor)... He had excellent questions and the entire interview 
had a nice flow to it. It's funny, the interview process is analagous to 
jazz players improvising and creating a well-crafted solo. It's about 
preparation, listening, reacting and that back and forth flow between the 

Jason is sending me a copy of the show via CD in MP3 format which I plan to 
add to my website and site on MySpace as a podcast download. It will be a 
good way for my listeners to check out the interview at any time, from 


Ed Saindon

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> Hi all
> Just a note to let you know that my interview last month with Jason 
> Miller on KVLU (Beaumont, TX) was one of the highlights of my recent 
> interviews.
> Jason is astute and knowledgeable about the music and really got me to 
> thinking about some aspects of improvising and
> jazz that I haven't thought about in a while.
> Thanks for all the airplay too.
> Check him out.
> Thanks, Jason.
> Best regards
> Lenore Raphael
> e mail lraphael at att.net
> www.lenoreraphael.com
> tel 1-866-796-4369
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