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Wed Feb 20 16:18:24 EST 2008

This is a very important point.  Thanks for bringing this up, Jim.  I agree
wholeheartedly.  KBCS has been consistently involved with a variety of
community events including media co-sponsorships of concerts.  When you're
talking a community radio station with an eclectic format, that's a lot of
ground to cover!  Only tangentially related to jazz, I recently "brokered" a
media co-sponsorship between KBCS and The World Rhythm Festival (coming up
April 25-27 at Seattle Center).

Bill Barton
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<<From: Jim Wilke <jwilke123 at comcast.net>
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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 10:03:45 -0800
Subject: Re: [JPL] JazzWeek Summit 2008 panel update/call for suggestions

...Local stations need to build strong links to the community by having a
visible presence at events and reflecting them and promoting them on
the air.   DJ/ MCs are a start, but there's much more that local radio
stations can do for community wide appeal that provides unique benefits
over corporate radio/ satellite/ internet/ ipod competition...

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

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