[JPL] Music speeds stroke recovery

JanLeder at aol.com JanLeder at aol.com
Wed Feb 20 16:25:19 EST 2008

Thanks for sharing this article.  More studies like this need to be  done!
One of my steady gigs is at Helen Hayes Hospital in Rockland County, NY and  
one of their units is a stroke unit.  I go there every other Tuesday night  
and can attest to the power of music in recovery and wellness;  I've  practiced 
music wellness for over ten years!  My schedule is really booked  up too, 
because it seems everywhere I go my music is appreciated for the healing  power it 
has - as much (if not more) for the tunes that I play as for the  physical 
sounds themselves.  It holds in wellness also (as in everything  else) that live 
music is even more powerful than taped music.
Just last week I was summoned to a hospital by a friend whose cousin, a  
classical pianist, was in a coma.   I played a few soft and sweet  songs with no 
response.  Then I played a swing tune and he began to move  his foot in rhythm 
with me, much to everyone's surprise.  The nurse who had  been taking an EKG 
since before I had gotten there told me that from the first  note I played 
there was a very sharp increase in brain activity!
I'm a little embarrassed though that I haven't read Sacks' book - I think I  
must go get it now!
Jan Leder
_www.janleder.info_ (http://www.janleder.info) 
P.S.  If any of you know professional jazz musicians looking  to do more 
performance work, please have them contact me.  I'm  now giving consultations 
(including long-distance phone consultations) in  "Making a Living in Music 
Wellness".  There's an untapped market  for good jazz players who are open to 
working in these facilities.  One  violinist in Minneapolis who I trained is now 
playing 15 gigs a month  herself!

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