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Thu Feb 21 12:50:09 EST 2008

Please permit me to share this sidebar into the JPL....a little shameless promotion....
  In one of the more strange and ironic twist in my life recently...particularly considering the recent Herbie thread...I just found out that "It's Telling...A Drummer's Perspective" was nominated for Record Of the Year here locally for the Port Folio Weekly Music Awards. PFW is a local weekly publication that is very supportive of the arts and jazz in particular. The CD technically was released here in November and nationally in mid January. The ironic thing is that "It's Telling" is the ONLY jazz release in the bunch that was nominated and immediately brought to mind Herbie's situation. Funny actually. I'm also nominated for Best Radio DJ and Jazz Artist but it's the Record Of the Year category that has everyone lobbying for votes. Even emailing me asking for my vote...and I'm nominated myself! How out is that? I never thought to do that but I realized if I don't I'm toast because of the art vs popularity thing. Here are a couple of quotes...one from master drummer Steve
 Smith and the other from the Pittsburgh Tribune....
    "Jae Sinnett has produced the kind of recording that I like best from drummer/bandleaders: an unapologetic drummer’s record! The sound of the quartet resonates with me; I enjoy hearing the electric bass support the acoustic instruments and that solid foundation gives Jae more room to stretch out and play with a full sound. Jae’s compositions are well constructed melodically and harmonically, and of course, are quite interesting rhythmically. He gives himself ample solo space, which I applaud. Jae’s playing has grown steadily over the years and “It’s Telling
A Drummer’s Perspective” showcases him at his all-around best -- his most mature and adventurous playing to date."
  Steve Smith
  From the Pittsburgh Tribune....
  "On "It's Telling," Sinnett's drums are like a polyphonal voice, even if they speak in a different language, that of rhythm. His work is mindful of Jack DeJohnette or Jeff "Tain" Watts, but it is so good, those comparisons are only a frame of reference." 

-- Bob Karlovits 
Pittsburgh Tribune

  So if anyone would find themselves with a few minutes of free time and would care to drop a vote for me in the ROTY category it would be greatly appreciated. Most people voting here have only heard of the person they are nominating so don't feel strange in that regard. I know many of you have heard the release. I more then likely don't have much of a chance but since they are lobbying for everyone and their mother to vote for them...oh well...when in Rome....
  To vote...go to www.portfolioweekly.com and scroll down and look on the right for "Vote Here 2008 Port Folio Weekly" music awards. Click on it and you'll have to register. Just your name will do and then you'll need to create a user name and password. FYI I don't see who voted and no one but them will see your info. Then log in and the cagegories will come up and you have to click every category for it to go through. They give you an option area to click if you never heard of any of the artist. Takes a couple of minutes. Thanks for your vote and with it maybe "It's Telling" will have a shot. If you vote and would like to let me know off list I would love to thank you personally.  
  Jae Sinnett     

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