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  The new release from Origin Records by Walt Blanton titled "Monuments" is available. The reviews of this album are very positive, and so is the listener reaction. If you haven't given this one a listen, you should. It's a very creative musical conversation in a trio framework. Obviously the trio had their ears open during this recording!
  Here are a couple of reviews:
  (from allmusic.com)
          Review  by Adam Greenberg      Las Vegas isn't known for its jazz scene. That doesn't mean there aren't jazz players though. Origin dug up an excellent trumpeter at UNLV, and he brought a couple of musical comrades along. The trio plays through an entirely improvised session, covering a lot of musical ground. The album opens with a building trumpet line moving into a thumping piano/drum combination before the title track is over. The album develops in complexity as the trio moves on. "Song Without Words" is a bit exploratory, while "Suite for Lulu" almost sounds like something Miles' bands would have put together in their more free-form days. "Life Force" starts out frantic, then slows down into a bit of an Albert Ayler tone and a long trumpet solo. "Lester Rides Again" gyrates and thumps through a mass of sound, and the album ends on a relatively classic sound in "In and Out." Blanton's trumpet stays in the forefront for long periods, but drummer John Nasshan
 goes for extended solos lasting minutes from time to time, as does pianist Tony Branco. There's a lot going on in this album, with a lot of complexity and improvised collaborations throughout. The trio never drops the ball, however, and keeps the sound moving until the moment they've finished. Absolutely worth a listen. 
  "...an impressive display of musical virtuosity."
  - Jazz Notes
  KUNV is spinning this CD, and our listeners are enjoying it....give it a try!
  John Nasshan
  KUNV 91.5FM
  Las Vegas, NV

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