[JPL] Ascension/My 25th anniversary on-air

MICHAEL P STRATTON dreamtrane at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 25 15:39:44 EST 2008

Re: Ascension. I usually listen to this at least once a year, sometimes more, and have even played all or part of it on the air from time to time. When I heard the music the very first time, it was with my ex-brother-in-law/jazz drummer Pete Siers. We were sitting on a porch looking out over darkened Lake Michigan late at night and this music came on. He asked me, "What do you see in this music?" We were both kind of dumb founded. I answered, "Horses in flames." I still get that image every time I hear it, though I don't think it was Trane's intention.
  Mike Stratton

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Every year around Easter I do my Jazz Lunatique show on WWOZ in New 
Orleans where I play both Coltrane versions of Ascension and then do 
both Rova versions. Don "Big Moose" Jamison of WWOZ used to play 
Ascension every Easter and since his passing I feel it is my duty to 
continue this. What beautiful powerful music to elevate and ecstaticize 
the soul!

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>Will do. This is our third time working with this band. They were in
>Grand Rapids last April right before Barry had a reunion record date
>with Anthony Braxton and that live concert with Sam Rivers Trio
>(Rivers, Dave Holland, Barry). Two years ago they appeared live on
>Blue Lake, though it was after a 10 hour drive and they were pooped.
>This band has grown by leaps and Steve Swell is one of the most
>formidiable trombonists in improvised music today.
>Mike -- with WEMU, WCMU and WDET, not to mention Hazen Schumacher at
>WUOM and Doug Collar (my early mentor) at WKAR, we have many great,
>personality oriented radio station's programming jazz. Two years ago
>we broadcast OrkestRova's "Electric Ascension" to continue the thread.
>Was dissapointed Ben Ratliff didn't even mention that concert or
>recording in his recent Coltrane book.
>I'm just fortunate that Blue Lake is fully mission driven and that
>mission is music. Looking forward to Bill McFarlin's arrival (or
>return) and the impact that will have on jazz in the area.
>25 years! Lenny way to go!
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