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Peter Solomon psolomon at ideastations.org
Mon Feb 25 17:47:16 EST 2008

Someone forwarded this to me and I really liked some of this edp. David
Shulman's section.
Peter Solomon WCVE-FM 

Interviewing 2.0: How We Interview

For the recent AMPPR Conference in Mobile, AL, Cindy and I moderated an
Interview Best Practices Session.  

As part of the session we presented interviewing thoughts, directions and
suggestions from Bob Edwards, Susan Stamberg, Neal Conan, Lynn Neary,
Robert Siegel, Lisa Mullins, John Diliberto, Peter Sagal, Kurt Anderson,
Faith Salie, Brian Newhouse, Marco Werman, David Schulman, Kai Ryssdal and
several others.

To view the session handout, go to www.virtuosovoices.org and click on
"Interviewing 2.0" on the left hand side. 

David Srebnik
Cynthia May
Virtuoso Voices


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