[JPL] Richard Underhill and Yip Yip Monsters

Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Wed Feb 27 13:10:27 EST 2008

Maurice Hogue wrote:

> At 04:48 AM 27/02/2008 -0800, you wrote:
>> ... well, maybe not from Mars, but from The Shire, Middle Earth.
>> Hey Maurice, was I on that list to receive this?  Haven't seen a copy 
>> yet.....
>> Brad Stone
>> San Jose
> You were on the list, Brad, but I see now that I sent Richard
> station call letters, contact persons, and the city. I didn't send
> him complete addresses. That was in March of 2006.
> Perhaps I'll contact Richard myself and see what's up.  He
> did make reference at the time that he was using Radio DirectX
> for some of his promo, but March 2006...........?
> His email is rich at richardunderhill.com

I just got my copy this week. Maybe they didn't do a big mailing before 
and they are just getting around to it now.

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