[JPL] Report from the trenches - London Calling - The Great CDdebate

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If you are not familiar with London, and have general questions about the city, I will be happy to talk with you.  You can call me at my home office: 408-848-6266.  I lived in London for awhile, and am a frequent visitor (2-3 times a year), so I know it well, and love it there - I consider London my "third home", so always happy to provide my spin on where to visit, pubs and restaurants, etc.


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Hi All

Peter Ind - http://wavejazz.com <http://wavejazz.com/>  is celebrating his 80 birthday in July 2008. 
He and his partner Sue have invited me to come to London for a week!  I leave
Friday and return March 10th!  Can you believe how kind this is.  I'm very
excited and everything is falling into place (except the worth of the dollar).

If there anyone you think I should meet or see in London, please let me know.

I already have plans to see JazzServices, UK, promoter of the London Jazz
Festival as well as a few others.  I definitely would like to meet up with
someone from BBC jazz radio... I used be the NY Jazz correspondent for BBC3, but
lost all my connections that were there.

I will have my blackberry, so you can email me.  I also have a local # where
incoming calls are free



Michael will take care of all technical issues.  We have moved about 2 dozen
sites over to the new server without incident, but he's going to wait till I
come back to move the rest, since many have customization like self updaters or
full management systems or databases. 

Sam - our oh so brilliant programmer will be taking care of all updates. 
He'll be logging into this account ONLY  to grab your updates.  So please don't
send email to any other address!!!

In the meantime, all the updates you've sent in the last few days will be
done tomorrow night by an asst I'm working with just a few hours a night, till I
return and can look for the proper asst. He's great, just has a full time job.

If you know anyone (ideally a student) They must know html and some flash and
must work on PC in the office for most of the time...about 15-20 hours week. 
Please have them contact me at this email address.

Some of you have gotten back to me and want to sell them for more, and some
want to sell them for less.  So I've decided whatever you feel your fan base
can bear is the price you should sell it for.  However, I can't sell CDs for
less than $16 plus s&h (domestic).  As I mentioned in my last email, I have to
consider all of you vendors and cut you checks (every month) after your
maintenance is paid.  Please realize, we are rebuilding JazzCares which is far more
expensive than any single site, I am charged by cc company for each order, I
need to send out the confirmation to you and the buyer and I have do all the
bookkeeping.  It's not like I can even hire someone to do the bookkeeping, because
like your sites everything is customized (coupled with a $1 to the Jazz
Foundation of America). 

I would ask that you autograph the CD if you decide to charge more.

For those of you who have CDs upon CDs sitting in boxes - Mark Kleinhaut did
a very smart promotion.  He offered to his mailing list, if you buy one cd -
you get one for free.  He moved some product with this promotion!  We can
announce this for you in our next newsletter if you want to do this.... but we
can't put it in the shopping cart (I don't think) 

CHECKS and make sure I have your CDs for 30 second samples.  AFTER I COME BACK

NEWSLETTER will go out MARCH 15.  Please submit news before then. 

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR GIGS TO http://jazzcorner.com/events
the password is jazzc0rner.

PLEASE SIGN UP FOR JAZZVISION and upload your videos and tell all your

Any questions or concerns, please email me before Friday. 

Have a wonderful week.  Don't forget about Dennis Irwin benefit at JALC on
March 10 and don't forget the George Cables Healing Fund at
http://georgecables.com <http://georgecables.com/> 

Peace and light

Ideas to please picky eaters. Watch video on AOL Living.

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