[JPL] Would like your opinion from Micele Grey

Peter Solomon psolomon at ideastations.org
Thu Feb 28 12:41:25 EST 2008

Personally that's a turn-off. 
Sometime's it's OK - Dave Van Ronk used to mess with the lyrics of some of
the old tunes he sang. Like when he sang "Nobody Knows You When You're
Down and out" and he got to the lyric about "hang on to it till the eagle
grins" he sang "hang on to it till the eagle screams." It was always done
artfully, tongue in cheek. 
Not sure where the line is drawn and it starts to detract. When a singer
doesn't have a good understanding of the material or its origins I guess
it's a different story.  

Peter Solomon 


Hi, JPLers

I have been listening to some new vocalists CD's and would love to  
hear some opinions about this from jazz programmers/

How do you feel about vocalists who mess up some words in the  
lyric..purposely or not?

Juat curious. Do you listen for that?


Micele Grey
Swingin' Fox Music


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