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Thu Feb 28 14:53:06 EST 2008

    To me, alteration of a lyric may be clever, insightful, or stupid. The
old standards usually were crafted works whereby the lyric told a story in a
certain way. When I hear some misuse a word in a lyric, it is immediately
recognizable. If it appears to me that the alteration is the result of a
singer's lack of knowledge, it tees me off. On the other hand, if the
substitution is hip (in the sense of giving the lyric an unexpected new ,
perhaps ironic, reading) I find it cool.
    There is another way, though, that singers can abuse a lyric, and that
is in terms of a phrasing that changes the composer's intended meaning. A
concrete example escapes me now, but I think that one of the tunes on last
year's Glady Knight recording contained one of these phrasal changes that
bugs me everytime I hear it.       Gene Abkarian

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> Hi, JPLers
> I have been listening to some new vocalists CD's and would love to
> hear some opinions about this from jazz programmers/
> How do you feel about vocalists who mess up some words in the
> lyric..purposely or not?
> Juat curious. Do you listen for that?
> Thanks
> Micele Grey
> Swingin' Fox Music
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