[JPL] PLAYLIST - «Um Toque de Jazz« (Portuguese Public Radio) for March 2008

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Fri Feb 29 05:57:10 EST 2008

"Um Toque de Jazz» 
Hosted and produced by Manuel Jorge Veloso
(RDP/Antena 2 - Portuguese Public Radio)

Program Schedule:

Saturdays and Sundays, 11:05/12:00 pm (Lisbon), 11:05/12:00 pm (GMT), 06:05/07:00 pm (NY), 03:05/04:00 pm (LA)
(national and international jazz concerts, club broadcastings, live performances on record, new releases)  

Podcast archives: http://tv1.rtp.pt/wportal/multimedia/programa.php?prog=1126&from_iframe=on

Playlist for March 2008

01.03.08 - The Chet Doxas Quartet (Canada) with John Roney (piano), Zack Loeber (bass) and Jim Doxas (drums) at the Upstairs Bar & Grill (Montreal) on the 16.02.06. Euroradio recording.

02.03.08 - The Jean Toussaint Quartet (USA) with Kirk Lightsey (piano), Tibor Elekes (bass) and Everett Sangoma (drums) at the Intönne Jazz Festival (Diersbach, Austria) on the 25.05.07. Euroradio recording. 

08.03.08 - The saxophonist and clarinetist Peter Brötzmann (Germany) at the Jazzgalerie (Nickelsdorf, Austria) on the 14.07.06. The Muhal Richard Abrams/Roscoe Mitchell/George Lewis Trio (USA) at the Saalfelden Jazz Festival (Austria) on the 24.08.07. Euroradio recording.

09.03.08 - The Harald Haerter/Joe Lovano/Nils-Peter Molvaer Trio with Florian Stoffner (guitar), Florian Goette (bass), Baenz Oester (bass) and Marcel Papaux (drums) at the Club Fabrik (Hamburg) on the 07.10.06. Euroradio recording. 

15.03.08 - The pianist Yvan Robilliard (France) at the Charles Trenet Studios (Paris) on the 20.05.06. Euroradio recording. 

16.03.08 - The Henri Texier's "Strada" Sextet (France) with Sébastian Texier (alto-sax and clarinet), François Courneloup (baritone sax), Gueorgui Kornasov (trombone) Manu Codja (guitar) and Christophe Marguet (drums) at the Charles Trenet Studios (Paris) on the 20.05.06. Euroradio recording. 

22.03.08 - The Nils Landgren Big Band (Sweden) at the WDR's Rolf Liebermann Studios (Hamburg) on the 08.12.06. Euroradio recording. 

23.03.08 - The ToneART Ensemble (Denmark) at the Salon K. Huset (Copenhagen) on the 08.07.05. Euroradio recording.

29.03.08 - The pianist Randy Weston (USA) with the BBC Big Band at the London Jazz Festival (Queen Elizabeth Hall) on the 16.11.06. Euroradio recording.

30.03.03 - The George Schuller's «Circle Wide» Quintet (USA) with George Schuller (drums), Donny McCaslin (saxophones), Brad Shepik (guitar), Tom Beckham (vibes) and Dave Ambrosio (bass) at the Hot Club of Portugal (Lisbon) on the 05.03.08, by the HCP 60th Anniversary. RDP/Antena 2 recording. 

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