[JPL] know any Pub.Radio consultants!?

ghunt at mtsu.edu ghunt at mtsu.edu
Thu Oct 2 10:13:30 EDT 2008

Good morning jazz fans,

GOTTA NEW BOSS here at Jazz-89.

He's not from our neck of the woods
so he wants the input of a consultant regarding:

1)  the use of NPR/PRI-type news & arts 
     programming on our main channel 
     (which we dropped for cost reasons 
     over a decade ago in favor of jazz 24/7) 
2)  the choice of secondary channel formats
     and/or moving some programming to it

Can you recommend a radio consultant/company 
experienced in non-commercial 
university-licensed broadcasting?

Have you had experience (good/bad) with such?

Needed to run this by the panel
(some of the smartest people on earth)!

Jazz-89, Nashville

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