[JPL] Tribute To Hayden Carruth and Jazz October 3, 2008 with George Thomas

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Tribute To Hayden Carruth and Jazz October 3, 2008 with George Thomas


09:00 PM
Interview with Poet & Music Lover Hayden Carruth
Release Year 	2002
Note 	Recorded in Fall 2002

09:43 PM
Bounce Blues
Artist Name 	Ben Webster
Composer 	Ben Webster
Soloists 	Ben Webster-Tenor Sax ; Oscar Peterson-Piano ; Barney Kessel-Guitar
CD/Album 	King Of The Tenors
Record co./Cat # 	Verve 314 519806-2
Release Year 	1953

09:49 PM
Better Go
Artist Name 	Ben Webster & Harry Edison
Soloists 	Ben Webster-Tenor Sax ; Harry Edison-Trumpet ; Hank Jones-Piano
; George Duvivier-Bass
CD/Album 	Ben And "Sweets"
Record co./Cat # 	Columbia 40853-2
Release Year 	1962

10:01 PM
Shadow Dancers
Artist Name 	George Benson with The Brother Jack McDuff Quartet
Composer 	George Benson
Soloists 	George Benson-Guitar ; Jack McDuff-Hammond B3 organ ; Red
Holloway-Tenor Sax
CD/Album 	The New Boss Guitar Of
Record co./Cat # 	Prestige/OJC 461-2
Release Year 	1964

10:06 PM
Freedom Jazz Dance
Artist Name 	Miles Davis Quintet
Composer 	Eddie Harris
Soloists 	Miles Davis-Trumpet ; Wayne Shorter-Tenor Sax ; Herbie
Hancock-Piano ; Ron Carter-Bass ; Tony Williams-Drums
CD/Album 	Miles Smiles
Record co./Cat # 	Columbia 48849-2
Release Year 	1966

10:13 PM
Seven Steps To Heaven
Artist Name 	Take 6
Composer 	Miles Davis, Victor Feldman
Soloists 	Take 6-Vocals ; Jon Hendricks-Vocals ; Al Jarreau-Vocals ; Till
CD/Album 	The Standard
Record co./Cat # 	Heads Up 3142
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

10:18 PM
Maple Leaf Rag
Artist Name 	Aldo Romano
Composer 	Scott Joplin
Soloists 	Aldo Romano-Drums ; Henri Texier-Bass ; Geraldine Laurent-Sax ;
Mauro Negri-Clarinet
CD/Album 	Just Jazz
Record co./Cat # 	Dreyfus Jazz 369202
Note 	New

10:23 PM
And Satisfy
Artist Name 	Stanley Turrentine
Composer 	Ronnell Bright
Soloists 	Stanley Turrentine-Tenor Sax ; Grant Green-Guitar ; McCoy
Tyner-Piano ; Blue Mitchell-Trumpet ; James Spaulding-Alto Sax
CD/Album 	Rough 'N' Tumble
Record co./Cat # 	Blue Note Records 24552
Release Year 	1966

10:30 PM
Mr. Jones
Artist Name 	Javon Jackson
Composer 	J. Jackson
Soloists 	Javon Jackson-Tenor Sax ; Eric Reed-Piano ; Coorcoran Holt-Bass
; Billy Drummond-Drums
CD/Album 	Once Upon A Melody
Record co./Cat # 	Palmetto Records 2136
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

10:39 PM
But I Was Cool
Artist Name 	Cynthia Felton
Composer 	Oscar Brown, Jr.
Soloists 	Cynthia Felton-Vocal
CD/Album 	Afro Blue - The Music Of Oscar Brown Jr.
Record co./Cat # 	Felton Entertainment
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

10:43 PM
Roll With It
Artist Name 	Corey Christiansen
Composer 	Corey Christiansen
Soloists 	Corey Christiansen-Guitar ; David Halliday-Tenor Sax ; Pat
Bianchi-Hammond B3 organ ; Matt Jorgensen-Drums
CD/Album 	Roll With It
Record co./Cat # 	Origin Records 82513
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

10:53 PM
Brother Ray
Artist Name 	David Sanborn
Composer 	Marcus Miller
Soloists 	David Sanborn-Alto Sax ; Derek Trucks-Guitar ; Gil
Goldstein-Wurlitzer Electric Piano ; Russell Malone-Guitar ; Christian
McBride-Bass ; Steve Gadd-Drums
CD/Album 	Here & Gone
Record co./Cat # 	Decca B0011152-02
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

11:00 PM
Groove Sweet
Artist Name 	William Parker Quartet
Composer 	William Parker
Soloists 	William Parker-Bass ; Hamid Drake-Drums ; Rob Brown-Alto Sax ;
Lewis Barnes-Trumpet
CD/Album 	Petit Oiseau
Record co./Cat # 	AUM Fidelity 050
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

11:20 PM
Taking The Soul For A Walk
Artist Name 	Dafnis Prieto Sextet
Composer 	Dafnis Prieto
Soloists 	Peter Apfelbaum-Sax ; Avishai Cohen-Trumpet ; Yosvany Terry-Sax
; Yunior Terry-Bass ; Manuel Valera-Piano ; Dafnis Prieto-Drums
CD/Album 	Taking The Soul For A Walk
Record co./Cat # 	Dafnison Music 001
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

11:26 PM
Bottled Water Princess
Artist Name 	Eri Yamamoto Trio
Composer 	Eri Yamamoto
Soloists 	Eri Yamamoto-Piano ; David Ambrosio-Bass ; Ikuo Takeuchi-Drums
CD/Album 	Redwoods
Record co./Cat # 	AUM Fidelity 049
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

11:32 PM
Because They Love Me
Artist Name 	Avery Sharpe
Composer 	Yusef Lateef
Soloists 	Avery Sharpe-Bass
CD/Album 	Legends & Mentors
Record co./Cat # 	JKNM Records 89896
Release Year 	2008
Note 	New

11:46 PM
You Leave Me Breathless
Artist Name 	John Coltrane
Composer 	Hollander/Freed
CD/Album 	Fearless Leader
Record co./Cat # 	Prestige
Release Year 	1957

11:53 PM
Miss Anne
Artist Name 	Eric Dolphy
Composer 	Eric Dolphy
Soloists 	Eric Dolphy-Alto Sax ; Misja Mengelberg-Piano ; Han Bennink-Drums
CD/Album 	Last Date
Record co./Cat # 	Fontana 822 226-2
Release Year 	1964

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