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mileswillis at wpfw.org mileswillis at wpfw.org
Tue Oct 7 11:12:15 EDT 2008

Hello All,

     My Top Ten tracks for Election Day:

1.  "Shaft" by Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie - My all time favorite, as in  
what we ALL get from whichever 'baad muthuh' gets elected!

2.  "Five Guys Named Moe" Lousi Jordan and His Tympani Five - More  
appropriate, I suppose, for the Primary season; obviously with no  
female candidates.

3.  "Compared To What" by Les McCann - What could be more obvious? Can  
any candidate even GET elected by 'makin' it real'?

4.  "Moanin'" by LH&R - Again, an obvious choice.

5.  "Clickety-Clack" by R. R. Kirk - "the train done run off the... track".

6.  "What's The Use in Gettin' Sober When You're Gonna Get Drunk  
Again" by Louis Jordan - An in-between elections song.

7.  "Tuskeegee Experiment" by Don Byron - A sobering and chilling  
reminder of how far African-Americans have come to arrive at this  
point in electoral history.

8.  "My People" by Duke Ellington - he brings it all back to what its  
really all about!

9.  "Black and Blue" by Louis Armstrong - The ONLY colors that a bad  
economy knows; except maybe for red.

10. "Vote Dizzy" by Diz and Jon Hendricks - to paraphrase Trent Lott  
on Strom Thurmond, "We wouldn't 'a had all these problems had HE been  

Hoping You Vote Early and Often,
Miles Willis

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