[JPL] Using Facebook to reach a younger listeners

Derrick Lucas derrick at jazz901.org
Tue Oct 7 15:59:35 EDT 2008

Hey gang,

A few months ago there was a thread about using Myspace and Facebook to
reach younger listeners.

So, I wanted to know if any of you have had any feedback. Our station
has seen a spike in younger listeners (18-34) since we have started
marketing ourselves on Facebook and their various jazz networks and pages.

Even on my show, The Spectrum which is on Sunday nights after Desperate
Housewives,  I've seen my Internet #'s increase dramatically.

I usually would be lucky if 10 people were listening on online. Now since
Facebook, that number has increased almost five fold and by judging by my
calls and instant messages that I've been getting during the show, most
are high school or college age listeners.

So I was wondering if anyone else have noticed similar activity?


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