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Bindert, Dan DBindert at chicagopublicradio.org
Thu Oct 9 11:08:56 EDT 2008

Hello all,


Just a quick bit of shameless self promotion in the direction of you
public radio folks about a jazz program I thought some of you might be
interested in.


Just after Johnny Griffin died this past summer, I produced a one-hour
appreciation of his work that aired on WBEZ here in Chicago. 


It is called "The Little Giant: A Tribute to Johnny Griffin." 


It is available now through PRX. 


It's a music-intensive hour that includes music from throughout
Griffin's career (including some of his early work that doesn't get
heard too often), along with brief commentary from Griffin biographer
Mike Hennessey and longtime Griffin sideman Michael Weiss, as well as
the voice of The Little Giant himself. 


While I would not necessarily describe it as an exhaustive or definitive
documentary, I would hope it is an hour of radio that could be enjoyed
by serious fans as well as those who might be unfamiliar with Griffin's
excellent body of work.


It is 59 minutes long, and there's a :30 second promo (with space for a
local tag) to go along with it. 


It's also completely undated and free of localized references, so it
should work well for stations anywhere planning end of year-in-music
retrospectives, or needing an hour of pre-produced programming to plug a
hole around the holidays.    


If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me here at
dbindert at chicagopublicradio.org


Otherwise, everything you need to know about the program is at the PRX
website (www.prx.org <http://www.prx.org/> ).




Dan Bindert


Chicago Public Radio





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