[JPL] Hank Crawford

Maxine Harvard maxineharvard at cox.net
Fri Oct 10 11:04:22 EDT 2008

Dear Elizabeth and JPL'rs,


Unfortunately, there is no new Hank Crawford CD.   Hank has suffered a
series of strokes recently and is living with his family in Memphis.


What there is, however, is a wonderful new David Sanborn CD dedicated to
Hank.  It is called HERE AND GONE on the Decca label.  Through the years
David has always credited Hank with giving him his 'sound'.  In a recent
lengthy  NPR interview David spent a good deal of time talking about the
debt he feels he owes Hank.

In my opinion, you can 'hear' Hank's distinctive sound in many of the cuts
on the CD.  


I'm happy to report that Hank is thrilled with the Sanborn CD and that they
have been in touch by phone.


Maxine Harvard

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