[JPL] playlist: New Edge 10/14/08

Ken Field ken at kenfield.org
Wed Oct 15 00:04:58 EDT 2008

Here is the playlist for the 10/14/08 edition of The New Edge,
a two hour radio program airing Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm
on WMBR 88.1FM in Cambridge, MA, and webcasting at http://www.wmbr.org,
and rebroadcast on http://taintradio.org.

The New Edge is devoted to creative and innovative instrumental music.

Complete playlists are available at http://newedge.home.att.net

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Compagnie Christian Vieussens/Noche en Vela/CIRMA/Arc 96
Trygve Seim-Frode Haltli/Yeraz/ECM/Praeludium
The Tiptons Sax Quartet/Laws of Motion/Zipa-Spoot/Number Six
The Tiptons Sax Quartet/Laws of Motion/Zipa-Spoot/Marjan
David Pritchard/Vertical Eden/Morphic Resonance/Garden Of Time
Haimovitz-Burleson/Odd Couple/Oxingale/Barber: Sonata for Cello & 
Piano in C Minor
The Instigations/Soundtracks For Alternate 
Realities/Instigations/Babylon Incoherently
The Wee Trio/Capitol Diner, Vol. 1/Bionic/Orange Finnish Tulip
(Jared Schonig/Wee Trio interview)
The Wee Trio/Capitol Diner, Vol. 1/Bionic/About A Girl
Shakers n' Bakers/Yearning For Zion/Little (i)/The Roar of G_D
Jen Baker/Blue Dreams/Dilapidated Barns/Pip Squeak
Keravel/Next/Kassure/The Final Truth
The Egg/Forwards/Spectacle/Venice Beach
Mark Applebaum/Sock Monkey/Innova/Sock Monkey
Ken Field   http://kenfield.org
The New Edge
3 Ames St
Cambridge MA 02142  USA

Tuesday afternoon 2-4pm Eastern Time
newedge at wmbr.org

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