[JPL] How XM / Sirius merger is affecting jazz programming on satellite radio

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Wed Oct 15 14:54:33 EDT 2008

You know, as David Avery posted, this is really sad -- sounds like yet  
another situation where accountants are put in a position to decide  
what is valid music and what isn't -- yes, we know it's called the  
music BUSINESS but regardless of whether one likes fusion, jam band  
music and other styles that fall under the "Beyond Jazz" rubric one  
would think that this XM/Sirius merger might eliminate duplication in  
programming but not an entire program stream.

Best of luck, Russ.

[JPL] How XM / Sirius merger is affecting jazz programming on  
satellite radio

davispro at nyc.rr.com davispro at nyc.rr.com
Wed Oct 15 12:25:39 EDT 2008
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I'll get more in detail when I can but as of now I can tell you all  
that my last day (and by all accounts the last day for my modern jazz  
channel Beyond Jazz) will be November 5th.

It looks like the smooth jazz and straight ahead channels will stay  

More info to follow...

Russ Davis
VOA/acme satellite radio

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 > Hello Group -
 > Perhaps I missed something already posted but I am wondering if  
 > has any concrete information about what the jazz programming  
 > will look at the merged XM / Sirius entity.
 > I have within the past week heard a couple of troubling things that
 > don't bode well.
 > Thanks for any accurate information anyone can share.,
 > Best,
 > Mitchell

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