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Thu Oct 16 04:03:21 EDT 2008

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taint town live 10-15-08 (matinee edition)
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all other nights midnight-4am

Bill Wolford, Chickens (Head)
Jaki Byard w/Ray Nance, Ray's Blues (...Solo/Strings)
Clifton Chenier, Zydeco Stomp (Bayou Blues)
Orchestra Baobab, Sutukun (Specialist in All Styles)
Lafayette Gilchrist, Those Frowning Clowns (Soul Progressin')
Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet, A Walk in the Rain (One Dance Alone)
Jeremy Pelt, Avatar (November)
Mark Masters Ensemble, Dewey's Tune (Farewell Walter Dewey Redman)
David Sanborn w/Joss Stone, I Believe to My Soul (Here & Gone)
Sam Rivers, Point of Many Returns/What a Difference a Day Makes/Luminous
Monolith (Compl. Blue Note..)

Mary Halvorson Trio, Old Nine Two Six Four Two Dies (Dragon's Head)
Janice Borla, I'll Take Les (From Every Angle)
Roy Hargrove Quintet, I'm Not So Sure (Earfood)
James Carter, Rapid Shave (Present Tense)
Chip McNeill, title track (Four Steps 3)
Bex Marshall, Black Guitar (Kitchen Table)
Taj Mahal, Done Changed My Way of Living (Mkutano)
Bex Marshall, Bad Bad Girl/title track (Kitchen Table)

Ted Nash, Theme From Night Visitor (The Mancini Project)
Todd Sickafoose, Bye Bye Bees (Tiny Resistors)
Joe Locke, Ruminations (Force of Four)
Bobo Stenson, Pages (Cantando)
Trachy Lacy Collective, Carmen's Blues (Lanky)
William Parker Quartet, Talaps Theme (Petit Oiseau)

New Jazz Composers Octet, New (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) (The Turning
Albrecht Maurer-Norbert Rodenkirchen, title/...A Due/Fadenspiel (Hidden
Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet, DeJohnette (...Golden Quartet)
Yasmin Levy, Naci en Alamo/Me Voy (La Juderia: Ladino Meets Flamenco)

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