[JPL] How XM / Sirius merger is affecting jazz programming onsatellite radio

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Thanks for the kind words Brad...if karma lives then it will work out fine...i've done the best I could, as I have my whole career, and for the right reasons.  I can live with this.  For those with no shame, well that's a bed they have to lie in...lie being the operative term here, as we were told many since the merger was announced. The ones who get just as raw a deal as I are the folks who really enjoyed the programming.  I'll carry on and get it out there in some way, shape or form.

All the best to you!


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> Aloha Russ,
> I'm sad to hear this.... your "Beyond Jazz" program was one of my very
> favorite music programs on XM.  I will miss it, and, as a subscriber, I
> will phone in my complaint that it was taken off the air.  If I had
> known this, I wouldn't have re-upped with them.
> The light is on, but dimmer,
> Brad
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> You know, as David Avery posted, this is really sad -- sounds like yet  
> another situation where accountants are put in a position to decide  
> what is valid music and what isn't -- yes, we know it's called the  
> music BUSINESS but regardless of whether one likes fusion, jam band  
> music and other styles that fall under the "Beyond Jazz" rubric one  
> would think that this XM/Sirius merger might eliminate duplication in  
> programming but not an entire program stream.
> Best of luck, Russ.
> Mitchell
> [JPL] How XM / Sirius merger is affecting jazz programming on  
> satellite radio
> davispro at nyc.rr.com davispro at nyc.rr.com
> Wed Oct 15 12:25:39 EDT 2008
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> I'll get more in detail when I can but as of now I can tell you all  
> that my last day (and by all accounts the last day for my modern jazz  
> channel Beyond Jazz) will be November 5th.
> It looks like the smooth jazz and straight ahead channels will stay  
> intact.
> More info to follow...
> Russ Davis
> VOA/acme satellite radio
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