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Take a listen to the album "On Top 4 Tops." They sing "Matchmaker," "Bluesette," "In The Still of The Night," "Quiet Night of Quiet Stars," and my favorite: "Then." 
I think it is the pure "Jazziest" the 4 Tops ever got, and Levi is prominent in these recordings.
Askia Muhammad,
Washington, DC

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To anyone who really listens, it will become immediately apparent that Frank Derrick's 'The Beat Goes On' (Jazzed Media) is an extremely well conceived, arranged, and brilliantly performed CD, marked by an interesting set of compositions that merit very close attention.  It serves as an excellent showcase for Derrick's writing and arranging skills along with his incredible musicianship. The band never stops swinging. Never. The solos are flawlessly paced, and delivered without a hint of waste.  A spirited and inventive big band and quintet that simply doesn't get much better. 

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Any suggestions on jazz or blues versions of the Four Tops songbook? Unlike
when Norman Whitfield died and I was able to find many appropiate versions
of his songs, I can't find any of the 4 Tops yet there must be some. AMG has
become increasingly difficult to use because of their frustrating time out
errors which have become so prevalent

Would live to get a jazzy version of Are You Man Enough? theme from Shaft
Goes to Africa, Catfish(makes my Nature Rise) or Still Water(Love),  their
post-Motown material which I favor



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