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Ray Cruz rcruz at hawaiipublicradio.org
Sun Oct 19 02:29:54 EDT 2008

Fund Drive Update:

Record-breaking Total of $743,747 Raised in Eleven Days of Fundraising

Hawaii Public Radio brought its fall fundraiser, Celebration 2008, to a
triumphant conclusion at 9:10 a.m. on Saturday, October 18, 2008, the
morning of eleventh day of a drive scheduled for ten days. The goal of
$741,000 was exceeded by $2,747 for a record-breaking total of $743,747,
based on donations phoned in by a record-breaking number of pledges  -
2,707.  The evening of the 10th day had ended with 97% of the final goal
achieved, with $21,000 still needed to make the total.

"Not achieving our goal was simply not an option, and we are very grateful
for this amazing outpouring of support for our public radio service" said
HPR President and General Manager Michael Titterton, who made the decision
to continue the 10-day drive on the morning of the 11th so that the total
needed could be achieved. "We have always described our service as
community-building, and this is actually a living, breathing example of
listeners affirming that they regard HPR as a necessity in their lives. We
could not be more grateful."

More than 200 volunteers joined the station staff and on-air guests to ask
for funding for programming costs for the next six months.

Sabor Tropical and HPR would like to thank the following people for their

On Air Staff:

Erica Engle - Honolulu Star Bulletin,
Jose Villa - Hawaii Hispanic News and news host on Sabor Tropical,
Marie Villa - V.P. of Latin Business Hawaii,
Guest: Carlos Betancourt - Son Caribe Band,
Santiago Banchon - Producer Sabor Tropical,
Ben Markus - Hawaii Public Radio News/ Co- Producer,
Carlos Moreno - Salsa After Dark & Co-Producer,
Latin Business Hawaii and Hawaii Public Radio volunteers for manning the
phone banks,  Rosemary Smith HPR and Sabor Tropical contributor,
Soul De Cuba for the excellent Cuban food and their financial support,

A "Very Special Thank You" to the following artists, labels and promotion
department directors who provided us with promotional material as a "thank
you gift" for pledges during the Sabor Tropical program.

Sacha Boutros and her new CD "Simply Sacha" - Diva Latina Productions
Wayne Wallace and his new CD - "The Nature of the Beat" - Patois
Court Mast and his new CD "Sausalito Summer - Court Mast
**Thank You Lissa Reedy**
Fania E-Musica and their Double CD "New York City Salsa - Vol. #1"

MFA -Mitchell Feldman Assoc Jazz Radio Promotion and the artists he

Gabriel Alegria and his new CD - Nuevo Mundo - Saponegro Records
Rafi Malkiel and his CD "My Island" - Raftone
Negroni's Trio and the CD "Father & Son" - Cacao Musica
Jose Luis Quintana "Changuito" and the CD "Telegrafia Sin Hilo" - Cacao
Aquiles Baez y Sus Panas and the CD "La Patilla" Cacao Musica
Alfredo Naranjo y El Guajeo - Cacao Musica
Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez and the CD "Italuba II" - Cacao Musica

Patti Manrique Vargas Entertainment and the artists she represents:

Alberto Barros and the CD/DVD "Tributo a La Salsa Colombiana" - Fuentes
Sonora Carusseles and their CD's " The Best" and "Mucho Mejor" - Fuentes

Dorita Rodriguez - Promotions Department Tropisounds/Codiscos:

Sammy Garcia y El Sabor de Puerto Rico - Por Buen Camino -

Thank you all so very much for your support.

Ray Cruz
Hawaii Public Radio
Honolulu Hawaii
808-955-8821 Office/Receptionist
808-226-1221 Cellular

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