[JPL] Legally Playing Jazz Need help in replies.

georgetfuller at juno.com georgetfuller at juno.com
Sun Oct 19 16:34:02 EDT 2008

    Around here for the most part , business will play music in thier shops without going through any red tape or whatever / However when ascap  shows up in the area to inform these people they owe subscription dues , for the most part the business will pay up / After all what is less than 300.00 a year to keep from getting fined  / I can remember 1 year that ascap was in town , business owners and even employees were asking me and the owners of KRML if they really had to pay /  The short answer was yes /  And during the time that I would frequent the jazz clubs in Oklahoma city ,  the owners had to pay ascap / Part of ascap's reasoning for this is that you the busines are using music to assist in the sales of your business  -  good luck -  George Fuller,Facilities Director KRML Carmel 

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