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Hi Bill,

Thanks for your comments about the Chet Baker CD "Chet In Chicago".  Please
let me know if you want a copy for airplay.

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On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 2:32 AM, Bill Barton <seekandlisten at gmail.com>wrote:

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> To anyone who really listens, it will become immediately apparent that
> Frank Derrick's 'The Beat Goes On' (Jazzed Media) is an extremely well
> conceived, arranged, and brilliantly performed CD, marked by an interesting
> set of compositions that merit very close attention.  It serves as an
> excellent showcase for Derrick's writing and arranging skills along with his
> incredible musicianship. The band never stops swinging. Never. The solos are
> flawlessly paced, and delivered without a hint of waste.  A spirited and
> inventive big band and quintet that simply doesn't get much better.
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> This article sells Baker short in my opinion.
> "His recordings are immediately accessible and completely digested, and
> therefore, understandable."
> What?  Completely digested?  Curious choice of words...
> "Baker is never flashy or dissonant. He proves to be quite the
> traditionalist when approaching a melody and then improvising on it. This
> is
> what makes Baker so readily listenable where a true trend-setter like John
> Coltrane presents music (particularly on his late-period Impulse! releases)
> too challenging for pedestrian listening."
> Sorry, but we're in the 21st Century now and this neo-con party-line
> dismissal of late-period Coltrane as "difficult listening" just doesn't cut
> it.  The old comparing apples to oranges cliche applies here.  Pedestrian
> listening?  So the writer's selling point for Baker is that his playing and
> singing is dandy for pedestrian listening?  What nonsense!  I'd suggest
> that
> the writer of this article hasn't really listened to any of the almost
> heartbreakingly intense ballad performances that Baker recorded over the
> years.  "Pedestrian" is one of the last words that springs to mind.  "Once
> Upon A Summertime" might be a good place to start...
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