[JPL] ASCAP and BMI Charges

John M. Reilly bosstix at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 08:37:52 EDT 2008


You hit the nail right on the head! In most instances, ASCAP & BMI license the venues hosting the events not the campaigns themselves.

With regard to the campaigns using music against the wishes of the creators of that music (ie. the McCain campaign using "Still The One" by Orleans or "Barracuda" by Heart), that is not an issue for ASCAP/BMI to undertake. That issue must be handled in the courts.



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> <<..It amazes me that these group hassle bars, clubs
> and such  about paying 
> fees and now John McCain and some extent Obama campaigns
> are  using the 
> same music without paying fees.  Why aren't ASCAP and
> BMI  going after 
> the politicians where there is real deep pockets?  Could 
> it be 
> politics?..>>
> I believe the laws (i.e., ASCAP and BMI restrictions) more
> clearly apply to  
> commercial enterprises. Some artists may reject the
> affiliation of their  
> music with one campaign or the other, but is that an
> ASCAP/BMI  issue, one that 
> either organization oversees?
> Ed
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