[JPL] ASCAP and BMI Charges

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Isn't Kid Rock working the Republican side of things? I might be wrong about that. I was in a movie theater this weekend, about to watch "W." and an ad for the National Guard came on with Kid Rock blasting away, and for some reason, NASCAR. The strange juxtaposition of imagery fueled my hallucination that he's working for Republicans. Or is he?


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> Remember how Bobby McFerin had a cow when the George Bush
> the elder
> usurped "Don't Worry Be Happy"? Who could
> blame him.
> What musicians are actively supporting the Republicans
> right now? The
> Dems trot out Bon Jovi every year, but this year's been
> pretty
> incredible for concert/fundraisers for Obama, recently with
> an all
> start jazz turn-out in NYC. Who's stumpin' for the
> Repubs?
> LV
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