[JPL] ASCAP and BMI Charges

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Tue Oct 21 12:15:54 EDT 2008

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louisx at verizon.net writes:

<<..The political campaigns are supposed to seek permission from  the 
and their publisher(s).  If they do not, they are  vulnerable in court.  Any 
gathering that uses commercial music for  promotion has this obligation. The 
song is an asset that bolsters a  campaign's image, so the creator of the 
song must be paid for the work  unless they agree to donate it free of 
charge. I worked for a music  publisher and we went after quite a few 
violations of these rules and  won..>>
The point of my comments was a response to Tom's (I think) question about  
why ASCAP and/or BMI wasn't looking into this; much as it needs attention, I  
don't think they are the appropriate agencies to do so.
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