[JPL] Fall pledge drive progress?

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 11:58:11 EDT 2008

Shaunna...I'll respond on the list to this because it's a profoundly important topic to jazz radio. For us here at WHRV we started the drive this past Saturday. I started pledging for jazz this past Sunday. My Sunday show was up %9 from the first Sunday in the fall 2007 drive and ended the day with $16,000. That's good news. The odd thing is that out of the 74 that pledged that day only 8 people wanted CD's for premiums. We had tickets for some shows and only 6 asked for those. The rest simply pledged for programming. I started noticing this two drives ago with the CD's. I had 70 percent of the CD's I started with left over from this past spring drive. We don't have one specific premium that folks are going after.  

On the down side...I've pledged now for two weeknights and I'm down about 8 percent compared to last fall this time. It seems to be tough for the weeknight program. Monday night I was about $1200 short of my goal and last night about $300 but it was a considerably higher goal because of the lost on Monday. With the Sunday totals thrown in I'm about 5 percent ahead at this point from last year. One of the ways I'm compensating for the slow response is putting a little more emphasis on higher pledge amounts. Our basic level is $48 and so far this drive I don't have one basic level pledge...which goes to prove you basically get what you ask for in terms of pledge amounts. My average pledge amount so far stands at about $130. I'm down about 13 percent in number of pledges for weeknights so far but what is saving me are the upper level pledges. 

There is always the co-relation between number of folks pledging and the amount of money you end up with. Example...the alternative music show has a four hour Saturday show...like my four hour Sunday show. He brought in about 100 pledges but made almost $6,000 less for the day then jazz. His average pledge amount is smaller obviously but he has about twice the audience size of the jazz.

There is an art to fundraising as most programmers know. The key for me is how you balance throwing out the guilt with sharing your successes. It's a fine line we walk but if you always make them feel comfy and you always sound like things are just fantastic...you're toast. I know what that sounds like but from my perspective it's true. I learned a while ago...and here's a good example...on one of my Sunday shows my goal was $10,000...to be reached by 5pm that afternoon. We hit the goal at 3:30pm that day. I said we hit the goal and everyone was happy and clapping...etc... but told them to keep the pledges coming. The phones went silent for the remainder of the day. Nothing and this was because we tooted our happy horn once we reached that $10,000 mark. It killed us the rest of the day. It was a good lesson learned for me in the art of fundraising. 

Jae Sinnett     

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> I was wondering how Fall pledge drives are going for
> everyone. Any 
> word you'd like to share, good or not-so-good, is
> appreciated. Please 
> reply off-list. Thanks!
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