[JPL] My encounter with Rudy Ray Moore-Dolemite at our fav hangout

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Wed Oct 22 13:03:41 EDT 2008

Being raised and coming of age in So Cal of the 1960s, I was aware of Rudy
Ray Moore-Dolemite before he became a "star" and was just a local celeb. My
favorite burger stand was the original Fat Burger before it went to the now
franchise chain which is but a shadow of the authentic family run business
that was in the predominantly Black neighborhood of Los Angeles-West Adams,
Western Ave and 23rd St was the place. Moore as well as Redd Foxx who often
mentioned Fat Burger as Fred G Sanford in Sanford & Son were regulars there
and I met Rudy Ray on one of my visits there. The first Dolemite movie
includes a scene filmed at the orginal Fat Burger with the Hamburger Pimp.

Dolemite-Rudy Ray Moore, Miami's Blowfly-Clarence Reid along with Iceberg
Slim were the proto-types for the gangsta rappers of the late 1980s to early

So Cal forum members may recall the 2nd Fat Burger stand that opened in the
early 70s in the West Hollywood-Fairfax section of L A, on San Vincente BL
and La  Cienaga that quickly became the late night hang out for many celbs
and musicians because of its location and 24hr schedule. Once the children
took over the business in the late 80s and started expanding it quickly fell
apart and it eventually went the franchise route with Magic Johnson as it
lead man. Now Fat Burger exists in name only, for those of us who knew what
a real Fat Burger experience was all about it's like enjoying Kenneth
Gorelick over Hank Mobley.


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