[JPL] Fall pledge drive progress?

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Tom, I  too have had drawings but as I have been told and as I understand by 
law...if  we are having a drawing...we have to let them know that don't HAVE 
to pledge  to have their name entered for a drawing...on air. At least that's 
the way it  is here. Just saying if you pledge you can be entered into the 
drawing is  illegal for non-commercial criteria. I'm not sure if it's just a 
Virginia rule  but I don't think so. When I have a drawing I have to say.."By law 
you don't  have to pledge to enter" but then I throw that guilt thing 
in...somewhat  playfully..."but come on...it's a fundraiser." Did you know that? Not 
sure if  it's that way there but it's something that a lot of us here didn't 
know until  we were told by officials several years back now>
that one has been bandied about for awhile. I have had people on our  staff 
tell me both things.
 I was under the impression that as long as you didn't say "You have  to 
pledge to be entered," it was ok not to tell people that even those who  didn't 
pledge were also eligible for the drawing.  
We usually say "when you pledge, you are entered," not "if you  pledge..."
That may be the way around it. If I find out more, I'll pass it  on.
Dan Polletta

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