[JPL] Our just concluded Fall Membership Drive

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Wed Oct 22 13:27:16 EDT 2008

We raised our Fall membership Drive goal as if the economy was all good,
naturally we didn't know what to expect due to the declining economy and
media continued negativity about it. Our pre-drive meeting emphasized the
need to stay positive no matter what and underline that now more than ever
we are the true "Oasis in the City", that music is a great alternatiove to
the other static on the radio, that although there are still many who can
give a lot, most can give a little and that it all counts towards out goal.

We did not make out goal of $180,000 but we raised about $160,000 in 10 days
as opposed to our habitual 12 day autumn campaign, our CEO/GM was satisified
with the results as is our Board of Directors and PD/COO-Carlos Lando. We
are still receiving post drive pledges via e-mail, snail mail and phoners.
The best past of our drive which has some magical moments as well as a few
dips in the road were the comments by the donors, new members and veteran
contributors, the importance of jazz89KUVO to their lives, the escape of the
yakey yak,  political, economic and news in general as well to the wishy
washy melodies of commercial music stations. Some members said despite a
downturn in their personal budgets they had to make allowances for KUVO and
cutback somewhere else, some gave as much as in the past while others
lamented only being able to give a lessor amount, that has meant much more
to us than falling short of our goal. It is very gratifying to know we are
playing an important role in the "sanity" and joy of our listeners.


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