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Wed Oct 22 13:42:19 EDT 2008

Iceberg Slim "Reflections"  Spoken Word Audio CD
Uproar Entertainment is pleased to release on CD the Spoken Word album,
"Reflections" by Iceberg Slim.  Produced in 1976 by David Drozen,
"Reflections" is the poignant and memorable recording of many of Iceberg
Slim's true life experiences. These stories are not easily forgotten and
leave their incredible mark on the listener.
Iceberg Slim started to pimp at age 18 in the brutal Chicago underworld,
soon becoming rich and successful in the trade. In his writings, he traced
the motive behind and tradition of black pimping to the days when American
slaves noticed their white owners' physical attraction to and exploitation
of black women.
"Slim" is the author of "Pimp: The Story Of My Life" which sold over 6
million copies, and "Mama Black Widow" among others.  Both books are
currently being made into movies.  "Pimp: The Story Of My Life" will star
Ice-T and "Mama Black Widow" stars Mos Def, Macy Gray and Rihanna.  "Mama
Black Widow is scheduled for release in early 2009.  Iceberg Slim was an
important influence on hip-hop artists such as Ice-T and Ice Cube who
adopted their names in part from Iceberg Slim.
"Reflections" UPC 706442128622 / ISBN # 9781929243815 will be available at
Amazon.com and record / book stores everywhere on Oct. 28th.

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