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Fri Oct 24 04:03:57 EDT 2008

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taint town live 10-24-08
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Liebman-Tarenzi-Benedettini-Arco, G.I.G. (Negative Space)
Dewey Redman, Eleven (...in London)
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Ornette Coleman (The Continuum)
Mary Halvorson Trio, Old Nine Two Six Four Two Dies (Dragon's Head)
Kurt Rosenwinkel, Brooklyn Sometimes (Deep Song)
Shweta Jhaveri, To a Beloved (Anahita)

Jenny Scheinman, Born Into This (Crossing the Field)
Anat Cohen, After the Rain (Notes From The Village)
Joe Locke, Ruminations (Force of Four)
Prism Quartet, Your Gentle Heart (Real Standard Time)
Ehrlich-Lake-Furnace-Berne-Stewart-DeBellis-Parran, Water Music for
Woodwinds (Julius Hemphill: One Atmosphere)

Guy Klucevsek, Make Haste Slowly/title (The Heart of the Andes)
Matt Haimovitz & Geoffrey Burleson, Sonata for Cello & Piano in C Minor, Op.
6 (Samuel Barber) (Odd Couple)

Denise Donatelli, Crystal Silence (What Lies Within)
Charles Lloyd, Song of Her (The Water Is Wide)
Wayne Escoffery w/Joe Locke, Locke's Vibe/I Waited For You (Veneration)
Amina Figarova, Sharp Corners (Above the Clouds)
David S. Ware String Ensemble, Ananda Rotation (The Blue Series Sampler)
David S. Ware, Yesterdays (Balladware)
Mostly Other People Do The Killing, The Hop Bottom Hop (Shamokin!!!)
Javon Jackson, One By One (Once Upon a Melody)
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