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You might suggest to your listener that they do a simple google search for questions like this. The first hit for Johnny Hartman Songs from the Heart" is a review from All About Jazz, which states in part:

Johnny Hartman's album debut is a set of tender ballads, each word of which is treasured by Hartman's expansive, evocative voice. The ballads appear not only especially chosen, but practically written with Hartman
in mind. He shines on highlights like "I Fall in Love Too Easily,"
"We'll Be Together Again," "Moonlight in Vermont," and "I See Your Face
Before Me," often transforming midtempo songs into completely downtempo
ballads and shifting the emphasis on different beats with his phrasing.
The backing -- from drummer Ralph Sharon,
trumpeter Howard McGhee, bassist Jay Cave, and drummer Christy Febbo --
is soft, spare, and completely supportive. A CD reissue by Bethlehem
Archives adds six bonus tracks, alternate takes of tracks from the
original LP. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

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> I'm stumped, if anyone can share this information with me I'll send it
> along to the listener. thanks for the help - Peter 
> Greetings Peter,
> I was playing Johnny Hartman’s “Songs from the heart” Do you know who the
> sidemen are? Particularly the trumpeter, it sounded a lot like Clifford
> Brown. What year was the album cut? Thanks.
> Peace,
> Tony Scott
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