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I just learned from a dear friend in our Los
Angeles Jazz community that? the Los Angeles Times,
quietly ended jazz coverage from the pages of its entertainment
section, Calendar, as part of recent "budget cuts." That means no more
reviews, previews, feature stories, or even listings of shows/events.

Is this true??? Why would the Times eliminate coverage of what is generally regarded as "America's one true art form"? What other music forms have been iced?

have read the Times for over 30 years. However, I'm not sure that I - in
good conscience - could continue supporting a publication that turns
its back on my first favorite music... Los Angeles is a city too rich
in jazz history and people still contributing to the artform for this
music to be cut off from coverage in our major city paper.

I respectfully urge you to reconsider this position.? Los Angeles is second only to New York as a place where jazz artists live and work. The coverage, reviews and stories and listings that have been a part of the Calender section? provided much needed coverage and credibility for something important and worthwhile in our community.

thank you

ricky schultz



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