[JPL] Dr. Jazz & A blogger's take on jazz magazines: Why Our Jazz Magazines are Bad-- And Bad for Jazz

Bill Barton seekandlisten at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 04:40:43 EDT 2008

Thanks for posting this Doc.  It's right on the money (if you'll pardon the
expression.)  If I had to pick any nits it would relate to the fact that the
writer didn't have the chutzpah to sign the piece with his or her name.

It's particularly nice to see *Signal to Noise* getting some well-deserved
props.  Pete Gershon has been doing a great job with *STN* for a long time
now and the fairly recent addition of Nate Dorward as a copy editor has
really helped the mag blossom.  The Keith Tippett/Howard Riley feature in
Issue #51 by Julian Cowley is a fine example of why jazz and creative
improvised music fans should take *STN *seriously.

Although their distribution in the USA is pretty much nonexistent (a
subscription is the way to go) Canada's venerable *CODA* magazine is on the
upswing too under the leadership of editor Andrew Scott.

I should be "up front" in my comments also, as I'm a regular freelance
contributor to both of these magazines.

An aside: I'm assuming that you're the same Dr. Jazz - Bob Cohen - who did a
radio show at WRUV-FM at The University of Vermont?  If so, long time, man!

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