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Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Tue Oct 28 12:35:55 EDT 2008

Mark Zaborney wrote:

> Haven't seen any advice offered to Hans Ahlstrom's post from the other 
> day (see below). I'm curious, too. I'll ask another way. We webstream 
> and so are told to hew to the rules -- including prohibitions on playing 
> more than three consecutive or four total tracks from an artist or a 
> compilation in any three-hour period. So when I see such playlists on 
> jpl as "Two hours of the many moods of Ish Kabibble" (to give a 
> ridiculous example) from stations that stream, I wonder: How do they do 
> that? Same when I read after a notable person's death the posts saying, 
> "I'll devote my entire show tonight to so-and-so." How do you do it -- 
> and how might Hans (and I) do it? Many thanks.
> Mark Zaborney
> WBGU, 88.1FM
> Bowling Green, Ohio

I think at WGBH the feeling was that the issue you mentioned applied to 
streams and not to our regular broadcast.

We have an HD classical station and it streams 24/7. I was at a meeting 
when someone asked why we couldn't have a 24/7 jazz stream. One of the 
things that was said was that if we just had a jazz stream, it would be 
subject to the rules you mentioned above since it was not being 
broadcast simultaneously. I think the feeling is that if we broadcast 
and stream, we can do those things you mentioned. If we were just 
streaming we would have to obey the rules you mentioned. That's the way 
it was explained to me.

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>> Hi all,
>> we air a weekly 'featured CD' program and are kind of frustrated by the
>> limitations on how many cuts per CD per hour (or three hours) we can 
>> play.
>> Does anyone else run into this problem, and how do you deal with it? I 
>> don't
>> know of any quick, minimally time consuming way to contact either 
>> labels or
>> artists for permission to air more than the rules permit.
>> And of course, my general manager isn't interested when I tell him a 
>> couple
>> of folks have said to ignore the rules, play what you want.
>> Any advice?
>> Thanks
>> Hans
>> Hans Ahlstrom
>> 1401 Presque Isle Ave
>> Northern Michigan University
>> Marquette, MI 49855
>>  <http://www.nmu.edu/wnmufm> www.nmu.edu/wnmufm
>>  <mailto:hahlstro at nmu.edu> hahlstro at nmu.edu
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