[JPL] Stan Getz and the economy

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 The daily Stockholm newspaper Dagens Nyheter Oct 14 2008 edition, concluded that Stan Getz was  partly to blame for the financial crisis now plaguing the world. The  reason: After an article in the New York Times
 "Taking a hard new look at a Greenspan legacy"


 The Swedish paper concluded that things might have been different  
had Greenspan pursued a musical career.

  Turning to music and baseball

 ALAN GREENSPAN: Then, I decided that baseball was my thing. And I  
was actually getting very good, but at the age of 14, I hit a  
plateau and I never improved.

 JIM LEHRER: You were a left-hander, first baseman, right?

 ALAN GREENSPAN: I was a left-handed first baseman. I hit the ball  
pretty well. Then, I got into music, and I became a professional  
musician for a couple of years.

 JIM LEHRER: Played the clarinet...

 ALAN GREENSPAN: Clarinet, saxophone, flute, bass clarinet.

 JIM LEHRER: Which one did you enjoy the most?

 ALAN GREENSPAN: I actually enjoyed the clarinet the best, but I was  
a fairly good amateur, but a moderate professional. But what really  
did me in is I had, as an amateur, had to play next to Stan Getz. I  
was 16; he was 15. I decided, "Do I really want to be in this  

 JIM LEHRER: Why, because he was so good?

 ALAN GREENSPAN: Oh, my god.

 JIM LEHRER: Was he really good?

 ALAN GREENSPAN: And he was one of the really historic famous sax  
players. And the best economic decision I ever made in my life was  
to decide to leave the music business and go into economics.

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