[JPL] featuring CDs

Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 29 00:07:16 EDT 2008

At 06:21 PM 28/10/2008 -0700, you wrote:

>Can anyone point me to the rules you're talking about?  In Canada, the only
>rules we have are minimum Canadian Content; I'll often play 2 or more tracks
>from the same release if I want to feature something .. N

At CKUW here in Winnipeg we have likely the same CanCon minimum, but
also a station-imposed percentage for "new" releases.  That's interpreted
pretty liberally too.  And I've played whole records from start to finish at
least a few times a year.  Gotta love the freedom.

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg 

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