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As a teenager I was introduced to jazz writing through Rolling Stone magazine, which occasionally reviewed a Miles Davis or Weather Report LP. I think it was Ralph Gleason. Then I had a rock concert triple album that featured Miles Davis on one side. I thought, "What the hell is this?"

I went to our local library and searched out issues of Downbeat to try and get my head around what this music was. Maybe I'm a geek, no, for sure I am, but that was what introduced me to so much jazz and helped me start to understand and appreciate the music. 

I've read Downbeat continuously since those days and have held a subscription for many years. I read Jazz Times at the studio (until recently, they had a subscription for the magazine but I think they just let it lapse) and picked up Jazziz last night at a book store. I still learn a lot about new music, artists and releases from these magazines, and still make several purchases a month based on reviews and articles. 

I, too, wish the blogger had signed his or her work. I can grouse with the best of them, long for the good old days (which, we always forget, were bad in their own ways). But I haven't felt the kind of disgust the blogger described. 

Mike Stratton

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> I didn't find the piece quite as vitriolic as some did.
>  Despite the fact
> that it was a bit over the top there were some good points
> made.  The one
> about feature articles sometimes being (barely) rewritten
> press releases is
> nothing new.  That's been going on for years.  It might
> not be noticeable to
> a reader who never saw the press releases.
> Of course the "slick" magazines are important to
> the health of jazz.  And of
> course they aren't "bad for jazz" per se.  I
> don't agree with that assertion
> at all.  But I do think that alternative magazines that are
> not beholding to
> corporate interests and don't tie journalism to
> advertising dollars play an
> important role.
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