[JPL] adding Latin songs to Halloween list

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Fri Oct 31 16:23:27 EDT 2008

para el próximo año, for next year

Here are some Latin jazztracks apropo for Halloween shifts

Tito Puente Orchestra from 1959 w/Carl Severinsen, Ray Narretto and others,
RCA album Tambó (Cuban slang for tambor-drum)
3 songs, El Velorio (the wake), Witch Doctor's Nightmare and Voodoo Dance At

Richie Zellon   Metal Caribe session for Songo o Sauraus Music, Dracula's

I have many others but they are more Latin dance music-salsa, if you don't
mind playing salsa during your jazz shifts let me know and I'll send you a


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