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XM 72…BEYOND JAZZ/WEEKLY FEATURES   (8-14 September 2006) 

This Monday, September 8th we’ll present another edition of our feature…MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS on Beyond Jazz featuring an hour of the music of one of the super-groups of modern jazz, SPYRO GYRA! We’ll give you a full hour of SPYRO’S music as well as comments from the band’s founder and leader, Jay Beckenstein, that will shed light on their incredible career that spans over 30 years from their beginnings in the fusion era to today. Listen for MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS every Monday at Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific, with a replay Monday night at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific, and this week you’ll get the history and the music of SPYRO GYRA on MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS.

Last year a major milestone was reached in the history of our show JAMMIN’ JAZZ…JAZZ FOR THE NEW GENERATION hosted by Michelle Sammartino when she presented her 100th show.  To do justice to the importance of this great moment Michelle reached out to all the artists in the jazzy-jamband genre and asked for their input and comments.  It became a 3-hour special edition of the show and this week we’ll give you Hour Two of that special featuring comments and music from Craig Klein and Mark Mullins of the powerhouse New Orleans band Bonerama as well as music from Scott Amendola, Javon Jackson, Jazz Mandolin Project, Wil Blades and Papa Grows Funk. Listen for JAMMIN’ JAZZ three times each week…Tuesday night at 9P Eastern-6P Pacific, Thursday morning at 9A/Eastern-6A Pacific, and Sunday at 7P/Eastern-4P Pacific and this week enjoy Hour Two of Michelle’s 100th Jammin’ Jazz Show!

When the great Frank Zappa was asked to name the artist he respected most among his peers the first person he named was fellow guitarist Allan Holdsworth.  Well, what was good enough for Frank is good enough for us and we’ll give the great Englishman some props twice this week, as we present ALLAN HOLDSWORTH LIVE @ YOSHI’S on LIVE @ BJ'S! Listen Wednesday night at 9 PM Eastern time/6 PM Pacific and Sunday at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific and you’ll hear Allan as he revisits the music he made in the fusion era as a member of Tony Williams Lifetime. He’ll be joined by an awesome band including fellow Lifetime member Alan Pasqua along with drummer Chad Wackerman and the busiest bassist in MOJA, Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets. Come join us for ALLAN HOLDSWORTH LIVE @ YOSHI’S on this week’s addition of LIVE @ BJ'S!

Every Friday we present an exclusive Beyond Jazz feature that focuses on the moment in jazz history when the music became electric and all the musical influences of the world blended with jazz to create the Fusion Era.   We call it IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION. Well this Friday, since we’re focusing on the contribution of England’s great MOJA artists, we’ll begin each hour with a cut from the likes of John McLaughlin, solo, with Miles Davis and of course The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dave Holland with Miles, Brian Auger, Jeff Beck, and groups like Soft Machine, Ian Karr & Nucleus, Gong and National Health.  It’s ANGLO-FUSION as we start each hour from 7 AM Eastern/4 AM Pacific until midnight Eastern/9 PM Pacific with a classic fusion piece from across the pond on this weeks edition of IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION. 

This weekend Beyond Jazz presents another edition of "THE MOJA REPORT with MARK RUFFIN!” Join award-winning presenter, producer and writer Mark Ruffin as he covers the many aspects of the world of modern jazz from his perspective.  Listen twice each weekend for THE MOJA REPORT, Saturday mornings at 11 AM Eastern/8 AM Pacific, just before Words & Music begins, and Sunday nights at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific, part of the Sunday Specials. It’s "THE MOJA REPORT with MARK RUFFIN,” and on this week’s edition Mark joins in on our week-long look at the contributions of the great English MOJA greats with an hour that focuses on the early years of the great keyboardist BRIAN AUGER, with cuts from his fusion band BRIAN AUGER’S OBLIVION EXPRESS on this week’s edition of THE MOJA REPORT!

Every Saturday is a chance to get to know the stars of Modern Jazz a little better with WORDS & MUSIC on BEYOND JAZZ, and on Saturday, September 13th, we'll take a trip “across the pond” as they say with a special presentation titled ANGLO-MOJA: THE MODERN JAZZ OF ENGLAND!  That incredible island that sits in the North Sea has been known for some of the most popular rock & pop music over the decades, but its contribution to Modern Jazz is also enormous as we’ll prove by spending Saturday with great English MOJA Masters like Dave Holland, Courtney Pine, Ronny Jordan, John McLaughlin, Claire Martin, “Bluey” Maunick of Incognito, Andy Summers and more! Interview segments followed by music begin each hour from Noon and through Midnight Eastern time (9 AM-9 PM Pacific). It's ANGLO-MOJA: THE MODERN JAZZ OF ENGLAND on Saturday’s WORDS & MUSIC.

Every Sunday it’s the EMAIL REPLY HOUR…from 6-7 PM Eastern/3-4 PM Pacific, Russ Davis spends an hour responding to email messages by playing requested songs, answering listener questions and reading listener comments that have been emailed to him at beyondjazz at xmradio.com.

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