[JPL] Anyone know about Horace Silver's health??

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Thank you for sharing both remarkable stories.  I understand the  Horace has 
been moved to another facility either in Westchester or  Connecticut.  The 
home in Malibu has been sold.  It's kind of breaking  my heart.
Lois Gilbert
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In early April I brought a  quintet (with vocals) to a very nice  healthcare 
facility here in  Westchester County, New York, which is unusual since  most 
my  wellness gigs are solos and duos.  We performed for a crowd of   maybe 50 
75 folks, many in wheelchairs.  After the show  (which  unfortunately did not 
include even one of the Horace Silver  tunes I  usually play) while the band 
was packing up, most of the  residents were wheeled  out of the auditorium.  
one man  remained, and his nurse shyly asked me  if I had ever heard of 
Silver.  I told her of course, he was jazz  royalty, and quite  beloved among 
us musicians.  

She pointed to the man in the  wheelchair and said, "That's him" and  
naturally I was amazed and  concerned.  I paid my respects, as did my band,  
practically  dropped their instruments when I told them, as they lined up to  
the Master.  He didn't look great but he did look very much  present,  and 
let me 
know with his eyes that he appreciated what we  were doing.   It occurred to 
me later what a fantastic  compliment it was that he stayed  and wanted to 

Hearing his birthday was coming up I called the facility last  week to see  
he was still there.  They said he was not, and I  thought perhaps that  meant 
his condition was better and his  rehabilitation could continue in a more  
private setting.   

(A few months later I was truly honored to be asked to participate in  a  
recreation of Art Kane's "Jazz Portrait: Harlem 1958" with 54  women and 3 
(the reverse of the original).  It was a  terrific gathering, and  I got to 
lots of ladies I hadn't seen in  many years.  We placed  ourselves randomly 
were told if  there was someone special whose spot we  wanted to be in to go  
there.  I didn't, but as soon as I got home I checked  the large  print of 
portrait over my desk to see whose spot I was in, and  it  was Horace 

Jan Leder
_www.janleder.info_  (http://www.janleder.info)  

Since we all celebrated the  greatness of Horacio Martin Ward  Tavares da
Silva's recent 80th  birthday, it sparked curiosity about Horace's  health.
Anyone know how  señor blues is   doing?


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