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Hello friends!

This week you get a treat: not one, not two, but THREE new episodes  
of The Jazz Session. I'm celebrating the 2008 Tanglewood Jazz  
Festival by featuring three interviews recorded there.

Today (Monday), The Jazz Session #41 features clarinetist and  
saxophonist Eddie Daniels (see below for links). On Wednesday, be  
sure to tune in for a hidden treasure as The Jazz Session #42 brings  
you the wonderful Australian vocalist Jo Lawry. And then on Friday,  
learn what folks on the West Coast already know and check out singer/ 
songwriter Spencer Day -- fresh from a live recording with Marian  
McPartland -- on The Jazz Session #43. What a week! (And don't  
forget, my reviews of each day of the festival are at http:// 
thejazzsession.com too.)

FREE! FREE! FREE MUSIC: Be sure to visit the Web site or listen to  
The Jazz Session to win free music! This week, you can win CDs by  
Eddie Daniels, Jo Lawry or Joel Harrison. It's easy -- instructions  
are on each episode and also at the thejazzsession.com.

As you can see (and hear!), The Jazz Session is going strong, with  
more than 100,000 downloads since we started last year. Coming up:  
Jack DeJohnette, Kenny Garrett, Henry Grimes, Brian Blade, David  
Sanborn, Satoko Fuji, Erin Bode, Roswell Rudd, Lee Shaw, Kate  
McGarry, Javon Jackson, Stevie Holland ... and many more!

Finally, The Jazz Session Cause of the Month this month is Musicians'  
Village in New Orleans. Details about the Village and how you can  
help can be found later in this message.

Here's the detailed update for this week:


THE JAZZ SESSION #41: EDDIE DANIELS. Jason Crane interviews  
clarinetist and tenor saxophonist Eddie Daniels in the first of three  
Jazz Session shows recorded live at the 2008 Tanglewood Jazz Festival  
in Lenox, MA. Daniels played the fest with many of the same musicians  
who appear on his 2-CD live album Homecoming (IPO Recordings, 2007).  
Daniels got his start as a saxophonist with the Thad Jones & Mel  
Lewis big band, and then launched a successful solo career that took  
the clarinet to new heights. He started performing on saxophone again  
in 2005 and now uses both instruments in his sets. During the  
interview, you’ll hear Daniels receive a fateful phone call that  
changes the nature of his performance at the festival.

CONTEST: Win a copy of Eddie Daniels’ Homecoming: Live At The  
Iridium! To win, be one of the first three people to send an e-mail  
to contest at thejazzsession.com. Please put “Eddie” in the subject  
line! (Note: Listeners who’ve won in the last 30 days need to sit  
this one out. Thanks!)



Here's how to listen:

1. Visit <http://thejazzsession.com> and use the easy built-in player

2. If you use iTunes, clicking on the following link will open  
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TJS CAUSE OF THE MONTH(S): Musicians' Village in New Orleans

The tragedy in New Orleans was a turning point in my life, even  
though I’ve never been there. For me, it was the single most glaring  
example of what’s wrong with our government and right with our  
nation. I’ve been featuring New Orleans charities — particularly  
those that deal with cultural restoration — in my Cause of the Month  
for quite a while now. I’m proud to announce the newest addition:

Musicians’ Village was conceived by New Orleans natives (and jazz  
musicians) Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis. Musicians’  
Village will provide a home for both the artists who have defined the  
city’s culture and the sounds that have shaped the musical vernacular  
of the world.

Please help these folks do what they do by visiting their Web site:

And keep an eye on http://thejazzsession.com in the upcoming weeks  
for a show featuring residents of Musicians' Village.




Labor Day weekend means jazz in my hometown of Lenox, Massachusetts.  
You can reach my coverage of the three-day Tanglewood Jazz Festival  

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

DAY 3:

A more extensive review will be published soon at AllAboutJazz.com.



My newest article for AAJ is a transcription of my interview with  
saxophonist Donny McCaslin. Visit <http://allaboutjazz.com> to read it.


That's the update. I'll talk to you again soon.

Thanks again for being part of my little world. I'm glad to have you  
in it.

Peace and love.

See you on the scene,


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