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Mon Sep 8 13:37:55 EDT 2008

Nick Francis wrote:

> Attention Jazz musicologists! I'm working on a project and need your help. Do you know any memorable sax or trumpet solos that are without accompaniment?  A cappella.   
> It can either be a complete tune or a solo from a group recording. I'm aware of Sonny Rollins's solo sax record, and have a few choice solos of my own.  Just lookin' for more. Any suggestions would be appreciated.    

Coleman Hawkins - Picasso

Billy Pierce has at least one unaccompanied saxophone tune on his 
Sunnyside recordings. I can't give you a name right now because I don't 
have the CDs here with me.

Anthony Braxton recorded solo. I think he put out a 2 lp set of 
unaccompanied sax solos. The album I'm referring to is called For Alto

Isn't Naima played by Michael Brecker unaccompanied on the 
Hancock/Brecker/Hargrove CD called Directions in Music?

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